Spooky Ourique

Spooky Church - Igreja do Santo Condestavel

Spooky Church – Igreja do Santo Condestavel

On an eerie night in Lisbon, a full moon rose over the neighborhood of Campo de Ourique, or as I like to call it, Spooky Ourique! Seriously, this place gives me the creepers at night. The almost too quiet streets, the long shadows cast by the tall church spires, and other things I have in store for you.

Spooky Church - Igreja do Santo Condestavel II

Spooky Church – Igreja do Santo Condestavel II

I don’t know about you, but for me, churches are spooky places, especially at night. There’s something about all of that massive stone and centuries of unanswered prayers and countless funeral processions that makes any church positively ghastly to anyone with modern sensibilities. Does that make me a Godless heathen? Perhaps in some people’s eyes. However, as an aside, I do know that the Catholic Church, if it wants to get out of this century alive, needs to drastically alter it’s behavior and philosophical Metaparadigm and embrace the teachings of Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. His vision of a Teleological and Evolutionary Christianity is far superior from the current Creationist view that gets more and more absurd and untenable as each day passes. But I digress…you guys came here (presumably) to look at some pictures about Lisbon, not to hear me wax philosophical.

Spooky Ourique - Igreja Santo do Constadavel III

Spooky Ourique – Igreja Santo do Condestavel III

After getting sufficiently creeped out by the church I decided to keep strolling. I passed many spooky crumbling buildings with creeping mold and exposed piping. The inside must be a nightmare. Do you think someone still lives there? Well, someone has to take care of those plants.

Ghastly State of Affairs

Ghastly State of Affairs

After walking away from this sketchy area I turned a corner, and, lo’ and behold, a scene straight out of a slaughterhouse!



AAHHH DEAD BODIES HANGING IN A…oh wait, it’s just a butcher’s shoppe. After calming down a bit I decided to walk away and briskly, trying to shake the image of my dinner coming back to haunt me from my mind. I heard the distinct sound of a raven’s cackle and shivered. Is it the cool breeze of the night, or something more, sinister? Suddenly, I felt a presence behind me, a strange inkling of a subtle attention, like someone or something watching me. Giving in to the impulse, I turned around to see what was behind me.

Ah it's following me!!!

Ah it’s following me!!!

The Ghost of Dinner’s Past! Floating in disembodied space! Hungry for vengeance and blood!

I ran, trying to keep my terror in check as I frantically dashed through the deserted streets looking for somewhere safe. Finally, after rounding a corner, I noticed a park. There have to be people there, I thought.

Coming to the park, I was suddenly confronted by another ghost!

She's gotta gun son!

She’s gotta gun son!

Oh wait, it’s just a statue. Shaking my head and feeling a bit foolish too, I noticed the familiar sounds of hustle and bustle and the clinking of glasses. I walked over to the noises, and to my relief, found a nice outdoor cafe.

A Nice Outdoor Cafe

A Nice Outdoor Cafe

And they were still serving beer! I breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe this neighborhood isn’t so spooky after all.

3 responses to “Spooky Ourique

  1. I’ve lived in Campo de Ourique all my life and have never seen it from this perspective. haha Very interesting and spooky, indeed! Maybe now I’ll look at it in a different way after the sun sets!

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