Lisbon Thrift Shops – Retro & Vintage

I’m gonna pop some tags, only got 20 dollars in my pocket…I – I – I’m huntin’, lookin’ for a come-up…

I'll Wear Your Granddad's Clothes - I look incredible!

THIS IS…(you know the rest).

What’s up everyone! So in case you haven’t heard Thrift Shop by Macklemore, I highly recommend the song, and I suggest that you play it in the background while reading this post. Today we are going to talk about thrift shops in Lisbon and we are going to focus on two stores in particular. As an extra treat I’m also going to show you a store that is taking the analogue camera scene by storm with their “lo-mo” camera made out of a sardine can. Yes, that’s right, a sardine can camera. But first, lets talk about Ás de Espadas – Vintage Store and More

As de Espadas Lisbon Thrift Shop and Vintage Store

As de Espadas Lisbon Thrift Shop and Vintage Store and More

Ás de Espadas is located Rua Luz Soriano 18 in Bairro Alto. This vintage store and thrift shop looks small from the outside but inside it is surprisingly spacious, with many racks of clothes to peruse and vintage decor. They even have a bar in the back and a lounge to hang out in while trying on your vintage clothes. I know trying on clothes and shopping is SUCH an ordeal, I mean, a feat for heroes and champions, for sure, so the good people at Ás de Espadas have the bar ready for you.

Up next, let’s talk about the Lo-Mo camera and why it is awesome.

The Future is Analogue

The Future is Analogue – Rua Assunção 15 – Baixa

First of all, this place in the Baixa has the nerve to call itself the “Embaixada Lomográfica de Lisboa“, or “the Embassy of Lomography of Lisbon”. The last time I checked Lomography wasn’t a country. Anyway, the store is super retro and cool. In a world of high-tech digital cameras and DSLRs with lenses bigger than your arm, seeing a colorful camera made out of a sardine can is both whimsical and a breath of fresh air.

Old Ass Cameras

REALLY Old Cameras

So I know that this isn’t exactly a “thrift or vintage shop”, but I wanted to include it anyway because I feel it has the same nostalgia for the past and styling. Plus, these cameras are freakin’ awesome! 

Lomo Cameras

Lomo Cameras

“How many shots you got in there buddy?”

“36…but I’m bracketing!”

“You’re what?”


I Want One!

I Want One! The Sardine Can LoMo Camera

So now we come to the big ticket in town when it comes to vintage/thrift clothing shops, A Outra Face da Lua. This place is the go to store for bargain, vintage, and retro clothing and decor in Lisbon. Located right in Baixa-Chiado (close to the Lomo Embassy, actually)

Outra Face da Lua

Outra Face da Lua – Rua Assunção 22

This place is quite large on the inside, with a well appointed bar and snack area that seems to have to capacity to host a fairly large lunch crowd. They have sandwiches, snacks, coffees, fresh squeezed OJ, and pastries. And this is a vintage clothing store!

A Outra Face da Lua - Cafe

A Outra Face da Lua – Cafe

I’ve recently been looking for some 1920’s and 1930’s gear to go to my Lindy Hop Portugal parties. I think this place and Ás de Espadas are just what I was looking for.

I also wandered around Lisbon checking out other vintage stores, and here are the few remaining random photos, so enjoy.

Some tiny vintage baby shoes:

Tiny Vintage Baby Shoes

Tiny Vintage Baby Shoes

In the dressing room:

Hmm. Indeed

Hmm. I find your logic circular, ma’am.

So, is it ok in your opinion to tell a woman that her bum looks fat if indeed it does in “those jeans” if she asks you the question, “Does my bum look fat in these jeans?” Put your answer in the comments below!

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