New Years Eve 2013 in Lisbon, Lindy Hop Portugal, and the Lisbon Underground Burlesque!

Lindy Hoppers On Show

Lindy Hoppers On Show

Bom Ano! Or in English, Happy New Year! Welcome back to Expat in Lisbon and in this post I’m going to share with you the New Year’s Eve 2013 festivities. In Portuguese we call it “A Festa da Passagem do Ano”. This new year’s we decided to kick it back to the 1920’s aka the Roaring Twenties at Clube Ferroviario. The night was full of swing dancing, Charleston, and of course, The Lisbon Underground Burlesque! I know you really came here to see some almost naked ladies, but you’ll have to wait until the end of the post for that!

Club Ferroviario was kind enough to offer the Lindy Hoppers special perks including dinner and entrance in exchange for providing a bit of entertainment for the other guests. I dare say we delivered! Cue the band and the Lindy Hoppers!

Play Them Swingtime Tunes

Play Them Swingtime Tunes

You guys are such show offs! Just you wait until I graduate out of Level 1.

Club Ferroviario is a pretty cool place to have a party. It’s quite large inside and it isn’t only a club. Apparently they also have yoga classes, dance classes, and other community events. The space is pretty unique with a large dining room, several different bar areas, and a rooftop terrace. My only gripe is the lack of parking, which seems to be a major problem in Lisbon. Perhaps Parking4Less could come to Lisbon and relieve some of the downtown congestion? Here are some shots of the interior of Club Ferroviario.

Entrance Stair - Club Ferroviario

Entrance Stair – Club Ferroviario

Clube Ferroviario - Interior

Clube Ferroviario – Interior

Clube Ferroviario - Dining Room

Clube Ferroviario – Dining Room

On the New Year’s Eve Menu: Portuguese bread, pasteis de bacalhau (deep fried codfish pastries), empadas da galinha (chicken in puff pastry), arroz pato (duck rice), and delicias do mar (seafood stew).  We were all kind of standing around eyeing the food, wondering who was going to be the “Pessoa da Vergonha” (Person of Shame) or the first person to start attacking the spread. It’s a bit of a misnomer, “porque é obvio que a pessoa da vergonha não tem vergonha!”. Once that person stepped forward and took that first auspicious bite (it wasn’t me!), the feeding frenzy commenced. Give her a prize. I pretty much tucked into the pasteis de bacalhau and empadas da galinha right away because I knew those were going to be the first to go down. About twenty minutes into the foray my buddy and fellow Lindy Hopper Miguel said he was going to get another empada. I just shook my head. “They’re all gone bro, they’re all gone.”

After dinner we danced some more and drank some more as the clock ticked closer and closer to midnight and 2013. We all headed upstairs to ring in the new year. Friends? Check. Raisins? Check. Champagne? Check. Lets pop the cork!

Try Not To Kill Someone With That Paulo

Try Not To Kill Someone With That Paulo

Happy New Year! Drink some champagne, eat 12 raisins, and make 12 wishes. What did I wish for? I spent all 12 wishes on the same thing. Can you guess what it was? Put your guess in the comments below!

The Lisbon Underground Burlesque

The Lisbon Underground Burlesque

So now it’s time for what you’ve all been waiting for, the Lisbon Underground Burlesque! Started in 2012 by Lady Myosotis, they do burlesque, jazz dance, cabaret, comedy, and strutting around half naked on stage! My favorite is Daisy Rock (on the right). She is like a younger and cuter Penelope Cruz. *Sigh*

Without further ado I present to you the Lisbon Underground Burlesque. I hope you have a wonderful new year and for all of us at Expat in Lisbon and Lindy Hoppers Portugal we wish you a very Bom Ano.

Daisy Rock!

Thanks for visiting Expat in Lisbon and I hope to see you again soon! As always,

Lisboa Espera Por Ti.

The Lindy Hoppers

The Lindy Hoppers

2 responses to “New Years Eve 2013 in Lisbon, Lindy Hop Portugal, and the Lisbon Underground Burlesque!

  1. Great memories of that cool night… Glad that you enjoyed passing that night with us, Justin!

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