Lindy Hop Portugal

Greetings! Welcome back to Expat in Lisbon, and let me tell you, the weather here is changing. Gone is the summer and the rainy fall and winter have made their way to town. Does that mean that the fun stops here in Lisbon? Hardly. You just have to find some stuff to do inside! Lisbon is mainly an outdoor city. There are more things to do outside generally and the summer is amazing because of this. But when the fall and winter roll around it gets harder to find some fun things to do.

Lindy Hop Portugal was started almost 5 years ago by another Expat from the US named Abeth Farag. She started teaching English here and started giving Lindy Hop classes on the side. She later found out that she couldn’t do both at once so she opted for the more fun option: Lindy Hop Instructor! Thanks to her we have an amazing Lindy Hop community here in Lisbon that has events every week and classes throughout the year.

Lindy Hoppers

Lindy Hoppers

So when I saw the Lindy Hoppers dancing in Jardim da Estrela one fine afternoon, I decided to check it out. All the people were super nice so I decided to throw it back to the 1920’s and start taking Lindy Hop classes too! I have tried other pair dancing styles and I like Lindy Hop the best. Where Salsa is all about showing off and Tango is way to serious, Lindy Hop is just a bunch of goofing off, improvisation, and just having a good time. Those of you who know me know that I’m a bit of a serious guy. So I joined so I could do something totally different and outside my comfort zone. It’s called the Hegelian Dialectic! Learn it. Love it. LIVE IT! (Lindy Hop and Dialectics, both!)

Here is a flyer for the next Lindy Party at ZDB in Bairro Alto. Let me know if you are going!

ZBD Party Flyer

ZBD Party Flyer

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