Parque das Nações

Parque das Nações - Jardim d'Agua

Today I took a trip to the Parque das Nações, which is at the Oriente station on the red line of the Lisbon subway. The Parque das Nações really seems to me like the future of Lisbon. Modern buildings and lots of open public space. The tower of Vasco de Gama is being built and there are many visitors everyday going to the Oceanarium of Lisboa, the largest oceanarium in Europe.

Oceanarium of Lisboa

It’s pretty difficult to capture the scale of this park through pictures. One really has to be here to appreciate how much open space there is and how large the buildings are.

Sun Deck of Vasco Da Gama Mall

So the Vasco da Gama mall is a modern 4 story shopping mall with a large glass roof and has many shops found in America.

Inside Vasco Da Gama Mall

After the Vasco Da Gama mall, I went to the science museum:

Science Museum

Optical Illusion

Optical Illusion Revealed

Around the science museum you can see that there are cable cars that go high up into the sky taking people for a scenic view of the entire park.

Cable Cars from a Distance

Before coming to the park I knew I wanted to take a ride on these cable cars. The entrance is near the Oceanarium and I bought a ticket.

Me about to get on the cable car

Lets go!

Cable Car Ride

The cable car dropped me off at the way far end of the park where the Vasco Da Gama Tower (in the distance) is being built. Near the tower there is a large garden that I visited next.

Jardim Garcia d'Orta

About this time I started back towards Lisbon to get some lunch. Back to the train station and to Anjos.

Estação Oriente

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