Castelo São Jorge

Mosteiro de S. Vicente

One fine summer day in Lisbon, I went to the Castelo São Jorge to take in the magnificent view of the entire city. Atop one of the battlements I was able to snap this postcard perfect view of Mosteiro de S. Vicente.

Me in a castle window

This was a chill place to relax after climbing up a bunch of really steep and jagged castle steps. There were places where there was not sufficient safety precautions, such as a two foot high guard rail that would only prevent short people and little kids from falling over it. If this castle was in America it would have been shut down years ago do to many law suits.

Cannon of Castelo São Jorge

View of Portuguese Flag From the Battlements

I think what makes the city of Lisbon really beautiful is its varied topography. The city is set atop seven or so hills. This feature gives the city certain breathtaking views and cool breezes as the wind winds its way around the hills. Portuguese people call places where you can view the city from atop an elevated position a “miradouros”. The miradouro of Castelo São Jorge is one of the best in the entire city.

Miradouro Miniature

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3 responses to “Castelo São Jorge

  1. The self-portrait picture of you is a nice one, did you use the little tripod that I gave you ?

  2. Great post dude, too bad you didn’t take any picture of the little neighbourhood around the castle. If you love castles and palaces you definitely have to go to Sintra ;)

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